Monday, July 13, 2015

Story Time

It was sunny and warm.
It was a Monday...
which meant that most of the "sights to see" were closed.
Most things, that is, except the chocolate shop!
So, stop for chocolate we did.
And while shopping for one thing,
as is often the case,
something else entirely caught our attention!
Right near the register we found a little booklet.
Inside the booklet was a treasure map.
What for you ask?
Why, for all the story book statues scattered through out the down town area of Abilene!

go on a treasure hunt we did.
Two fifty-somethings.
No kids {or grandkids} in tow.
Just two friends,
quickly devouring their melting chocolate covered strawberries,
thoroughly enjoying each whimsical creation.

There were many characters from The Guardians of Childhood book series by William Joyce.
{made me want to read all the books...which I confess I'd never heard of!}

And these young fellows in the boat were pointing the way to my favorite spot...
A Dr. Seuss Garden!!!

I'd say this afternoon jaunt was the definition of
Good, Random FUN!!

Joining Tamar for
The Good. The Random. The Fun.


  1. This is so awesome! Love them all - thanks for sharing!

  2. a "scavenger hunt" of my amazing race, covered bridge excursion!!!

    and who needs kids, they would probably just whine the entire time ;)

  3. A very whimsical and entertaining way to share an outing with a friend - and to think there was chocolate too.

  4. What a wonderful playground for kids of all ages, fabulous!