Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hunting Amongst the Wildflowers!

About a mile down the road from me is a town run soccer field.
This field used to sit next to an old, abandoned house
and stayed overgrown and unused for years.
About two years ago the town tore down the old house
and leveled the field...
It's fun to drive by and see the field full of children and families,
flags, nets and balls.
But I must say that, in this season of abundant wildflowers,
I prefer to wander the sidelines of the empty field
and chase scavenger hunt photos amid the blooms!

I like this silly stem ~ sticking out up above the others.

Or this silly purple bloom, taking a bow just for me!

Then there's this little guy,
out for a spin to collect some pollen.

In this shot, I see four full blooms
strutting their stuff.

The fun is in the photo-taking.
The guilty pleasure?

I could edit and edit and edit....all the live long day.

And, as for the rule of thirds....

....the opportuinities were countless!

"May your life be like a wildflower
growing freely
in the beauty and joy of each day."
Native American Proverb

Happy Sunday Friends!

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  1. Gorgeous! i just love wild flowers!

  2. Wonderful flower photos. I too like editing when my computer and or software is not acting up.

  3. Wonderful that a ball field was made in an abandoned lot. Even more wonderful that they either kept or planted wildflowers! Beautiful words and photos!

  4. There is so much beauty all around us. Thank you for capturing it for us.. so pretty.

  5. I love all your interpretion of all the words. quite of the box thinking. This is my first time so I think I will have to do better next time an follow your example. I love all your images.