Thursday, September 10, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Green

Against a backdrop of summer green,
autumn is sending us hints of
all that she's about to bring.

Bushes are bursting with juicy berries
and stems bow gently as the
wildflowers begin to wither and fade.

Each leaf arrives to celebrate fall
in their own time ~ some on
the early side...while others make
us if they know
how to show up fashionably late.

Summer has given generously of her
sunshine, heat, gardens and grand adventure.
Now it's autumn's turn to share
her treasure...crisp air, colorful landscapes
and comforts of hearth and home.

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  1. I am so ready for the green to transform into vivid colors!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! autumn is coming and i could not be more excited!!!

  3. Really nice photos! (visiting from Mama Kat, though I didn't do a post this week.)

  4. You write so eloquently, I wish I had your way with words.
    This is really photographed and illustrated beautifully.

  5. Although I'm not ready for Fall just yet (as I sit here lamenting have to wear a sweater and warm socks in 65 degree Paris), I can't wait to see the bursting colors of New England through your blog and IG. These hints of deep crimson, bright yellows and pumpkin oranges are just so lovely... my favorite is the last shot.

  6. Oh yes, those golden rods ( is that what they are?) are a harbinger of fall! Ours aren't out yet, but soon, I hope! I'm ready for the cooling down and crisp days. It takes a little longer to come this way.

  7. Such a pretty collection, and hopefully these lovely blossoms have plenty more days to show off before winter arrives! I'm posting a day late, but I started my post on Friday!

  8. Hi,
    I got this link from Ida's blog post on the prompt green. I find it interesting and would love to join. Wish to know the rules. And also what do you mean by six words?