Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chasing the Heron

on the way to work,
I spotted a heron standing on the shore of my favorite pond.
It's unusual to see the big birds
on the side of the pond that's close to the road
and on the side of the water treatment facility.
I parked and hopped out thinking I could get a shot or two
of the grand bird and the fall colors.
But as soon as I approached
the heron took off flying!

He flew right past me,
along the length of the pond,
until he found "safer" ground further along the water's edge.

Since I didn't have a zoom lens with me,
I tip-toed as close as I could get...
But we all know they can sense "tip toes" from yards away!
I was able to catch this one shot of him resting in the autumn weeds.
So elegant, with his long legs, neck and beak!

It was fun to wander through the changing foliage
on a cloudy, chilly morning
to try and get a shot of Mr. Heron.

Sigh. I do love the fall!

Needless to say, 
I wasn't able to get very close before my friend
flew off yet again.
I chose to leave him in peace at this point
so as not to be any later to work than I already was.

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  1. Hello, Adrienne! I enjoyed your post and the heron in flight photos. The Autumn colors and leaves are so pretty. Beautiful post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Such a lovely post, very suitable for Mr. heron. They are one of my favorites and I was lucky enough one day to have follow along the shore with me while I was fishing!

  3. So pretty - so cool to see him in flight, too! The foliage is getting stunning, love it.

  4. you did an awesome job, without a zoom lens!!!! i love the herons as well, i am always chasing them....and why exactly do they run???

    have a great weekend!!!!

  5. Lovely photos.....and the foliage is stunning!
    Happy weekend!

  6. Herons are such wonderful birds, and the Fall colors are magnificent!

  7. I keep going through your last few Autumn posts and taking in all the magnificent New England colors, simply beautiful! There seems to be a lot of green left on the edge of the pond, the show is just beginning... thank you for the front row seat :)

  8. I'm scrolling down your blog posts, your images of fall are beautiful. It is like. A melody of colors. We just moved and our new home borders a wetland. One morning we counted 12 herons along the shore.i love to watch them feeding now, but we had a koi pond at our last home and while it was fascinating to see them creep up to the edge of the pond, one day the results were devastating