Friday, October 16, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Fall

It's like a fancy card trick,
or the rabbit in the hat...

Take the afternoon light, add in
a few petals and set them
all against a backdrop of green.

Point that 50mm lens...and click!
Hocus pocus ~ the spell is cast.

The camera works its magic ~ and
I'm not embarrassed to admit that
I fall for it every time!

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  1. Gorgeous photos - I have every single one of these flowers in my garden right now so each photo made me smile - thinking you could be visiting me and snapping away in my garden. : )

  2. So so gorgeous! We're having a pretty fall this year.

  3. The light and colors have been so gorgeous this year, you've captured it so well! Have a great weekend, hope there isn't any snow!

  4. Well, beautiful pics.The camera doesn't do all the magic. You set it in motion.

  5. gorgeous...we don't have much color yet, although i did see a little today, but not in time for this morning!!!! i forgot to link in and was at the pumpkin patch all day!!!!

  6. Your hocus pocus really works in a beautiful way, as does your poetry.

  7. Such pretty colors! That second picture is brilliant!

  8. Such wonderful colours - lovely.

    All the best Jan

  9. Such pretty vibrant colors against shimmering bokeh! My younger son loves all of them too... he's learning about how flowers bloom and planted a bulb at school the other day at school. We "studied" your third photo which shows perfectly the stages from bud to bloom. He found all five ;) Thank you for the lesson!