Monday, November 9, 2015

Drive By...

Fall has been very good to us this year!
We've had brilliant color that's lasted for weeks....
and I've really enjoyed it!

Most afternoons, I spend between two and three hours in my car!
Work errands ~ often the same route over and over again.
So the changing scenery has turned into a real job perk!

when stopped at a red light,
I just can't help but snap a foliage picture!
Most of them aren't really any good,
but it just seems that anywhere I turn ~
even if it's just a random highway overpass fence robed in yellow ~
autumn is showing off and I "need" to snap a pic!

The bold colors are fading.
But it's fun to sit at a red light and watch the leaves fall
and dance on the breeze!

Every once in a while,
a "drive by" turns into a "stop by" ...
I drove by this scene for several days before I finally couldn't resist any more!
For a few minutes of fun,
I parked, hopped out, and snapped a few photos of what might be the prettiest fall driveway around.

Still enjoying some last gasps of color...
but fall I will miss you so.
You've made my afternoon drives so very much more pleasant!

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  1. We had such a wonderfully colorful fall too.

  2. You have left with a gorgeous display of this fall. I am sorry to see it go as well.....

  3. Wow! What beautiful colours. We are headed for summer here. The red poincianas are starting to flower and today the sky is grey.

  4. we have had an awesome fall as well!!!

  5. All of a sudden I am noticing more lawns blanketed in leaves and fewer on the trees. It was a stunning season!

  6. The colors are amazing this fall... Picture perfect!

  7. Lovely shots! I have more fall photos than I can possibly share.

  8. love those leaves, mid air!!!!