Thursday, November 5, 2015

Six word Fridays ~ Light

oh, the magic...the magic of
music and lyrics, memories and lights!

The marquee filled me with anticipation...

That single, grand piano greeted us
and the audience was all abuzz!

This show kept all its promises ~
as we strolled down memory lane, 
our guides were melody and verse...
and we caught a glimpse into
a beautiful songwriter's heart and soul.

Her story joins the many tales
these hallowed walls, mirrors and lights
can tell...just imagine all they've
seen and heard over the years!

For nearly a century, this gilded
Opera House has showcased the arts,

bearing witness to the changing culture
through the voices of our artists.

I'll take a ride down memory
lane in this place any time...

"If art reflects life, it does
so with special mirrors." Bertolt Brecht

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  1. How was it!?! You had wicked good seats!!
    The opera house is just stunning - I went on a tour a few years back and it was amazing to hear how it was saved from disrepair.

  2. Oh, I love Carole King!

    My the Opera House is beautiful - and so is that chandelier.

  3. How wonderful! I've always enjoyed Carole King!

  4. Beautiful environment to listen to beautiful music in!

  5. I'd love to see Carole King perform and that theater looks just the place.

  6. Looks like a glorious place to enjoy Carole King!

  7. one of the moments of a lifetime, in a beautiful venue!!! i still love carol king!!!!

  8. Beautiful theatre! It would certainly put you in the mood for the musical!

  9. Sounds like a great evening with wonderful music. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Your last night photo with reflection is great. The others are fine also. You are correct, art reflects life.

  11. An aptly named play for such a beautiful setting. Great reflections!

  12. Fine post and I love the "special mirrors" quote. Of course, I love Carole King too.

  13. How wonderful that you were able to have such a lovely experience. Thank you for sharing your photos and words about light.

  14. This looks like a perfect night! Love a grand old theater!

  15. That certainly sound like a wonderful show in a gorgeous place!

  16. Oh I want to see that!! I bet it was an amazing show!