Monday, January 18, 2016

{Good Random Fun} Week 3

The Good

This Saturday, the Scrapbooking company I rep ~ Creative Memories ~ held their first Virtual Crop.
Since it was a football watching day,
I signed in right at 10, and cropped all day!
My goal for the day was to go through some boxes of scraps.
{remember that lean & mean moving goal I have!?!}
I use my scraps to create Page Completion Kits ~
pre-made borders, title elements, journaling boxes and photo mattes that coordinate
so that some lucky scrapbooker can easily finish an album page or two!
I love the challenge of using 'leftovers'
and I especially love seeing these kits come to life when a friend adds their photos
and uses them to tell her story!

The Random
A pretty snowfall!!

The Fun
Someone's got her 'grand-puppy' here for the week!
Let the warm puppy cuddles commence!

Joining Tamar and Judith


  1. Hello, the scrapbooking sounds like fun! I love your cute doggie and the snowy images. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Your grand puppy sure looks comfy cozy!

  3. Great photos, especially with your sweet little grand-pup. Adorable!

  4. That is such a sweet face in the last shot! Please send us snow!

  5. Puppy love....I don't scrapbook, but admire the creative in those that do

    and @LivingFromHappiness

  6. I was SO happy when it really started cranking last night!!

  7. ohhhh... I'll be dog-sitting in mid-February for my daughter's dog. Yea! Love the cuddles and warm tummy laying across my lap. wished I lived in snow-country! I imagine it gets old pretty quickly but it would seem nice to watch the snow fall.

  8. I will happily pass along any and all snow - I'm good without any this year (please and thank you). Your grandpuppy is adorable.

  9. Your puppy and your grandpuppy are both adorable! Great shots!

  10. I was at an all day crop on Saturday but we were all card makers and that was the first time I heard of Creative Memories so it's good to know there are reps in Canada as well.
    Your grand fur baby is adorable, hope you got in some cuddle time.

  11. awwww, i just adore the snow, we only got a few flakes and it was not picture worthy!! you were so productive scrapping, i don't know how you can do all that work and then give them to others. you are a kind, generous soul!!!

    excellent captures of mr. puppy!!!