Tuesday, January 19, 2016

remember, this life is in color...

oh oh oh oh
well this life is in color
today feels like no other
and the darkest grays
the sun bursts, the clouds break

oh oh oh oh
well this is life in motion
and just when i couldn't run this race, no
the sun bursts, clouds break
this life is in color
one republic

it's a gray day
i'm gray today
one of those days when it feels like
life is dragging me along
like it or not

the french have a saying
"metro, boulot, dodo"
and when i'm in full on eeyore mode
my life can feel this way

oh, my head knows all the arguments against
and the blessings truly are abundant
and i will fight to find beauty in the little things

but, just for a moment,
i'll put it out there...
i'm gray today
i'm gray and waiting for the clouds to break....

Joining Kathy today


  1. I hope you find some sunshine in your day!!

  2. I so want to try these coloring books, one day. I love the French saying you shared. Life does feel that way sometimes...a lot of times. I only wish my day involved a metro! Love to experience life out among the people. Hope you get some sun ahead soon!

  3. Sometimes we have to just sit in the gray...here's to a better day tomorrow.

  4. This is a great shot. Colour in is not my thing but I have quite a few friends who love it


  5. This is beautiful - sorry to hear you are having a gray day. Praying some sunshine comes your way in the form of little blessings.

    I tried coloring last week (my girls have a couple books) and I realized it's not my thing....

  6. keep coloring...it will bring you color and sunshine!! i have been thinking about this...only thinking, i'm just not sure.

    i have heard of smaller books, ones that can be used for card making, those i would like. amazon has them so once again i ponder!!!!

    wishing you joy and color, winter can be awful gray!!!!

  7. Yes I pine away for the warm breezes and green buds of spring. Art is nice way to keep the blues away--or to use the blues in a lovely summery picture to make yourself a little happier during the dull grey days of January. That is a very nice drawing. xo

  8. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love this!

    @A Place for Pictures and Memories

  9. Love these adult coloring books! Looks like a lot of fun. Sounds like a great activity for these gray, winter days. #songography

  10. "Full Eeyore Mode"...haha...boy can I relate to that! My family NEVER understands it when I tell them Eeyore is my fav :). Thanks for joining at Song-ography.