Friday, February 26, 2016

A Reflection on Quotes

"Home is the dearest spot on earth,
and it should be the centre,
but not the boundary,
of the affections."
Mary Baker Eddy

One of the things I enjoy about discovering quotable phrases that ring "true" or speak to my heart, is learning more about the source of the words that caught my attention. This quote, about home, describes how I feel about the kind of house I'm searching for as we work on finding that 'prefect' spot. I love the notion that a home is the center, but not the boundary. That home is a gathering spot. A safe spot...a place where we re-group and gather our senses. A place where we gather together with those we love. A place where we invite new acquaintances to gather and to grow closer to our hearts.

It struck me this morning, as I thought about these words, that I really feel a connection to them. My next thought was about Ms. Eddy herself ~ founder of the Christian Science faith....a faith I don't ascribe to that contains doctrine I don't particularly agree with. I was surprised to notice that this second thought almost immediately colored my appreciation of the quote I had so enjoyed discovering. And I didn't like that feeling.

I don't want to be that person. The person who can't appreciate someone else's perspective or faith or ideals. The person who discounts, discards or dismisses all the good that resides in someone because of our differences. The person who can't learn from others...who can't recognize ALL the many similarities we share just because I've observed a few differences between us. Nope. I do not want to be that person. I am sharing a photo of Mary Baker Eddy's memorial in the Mount Auburn Cemetery ~ a place that's near my home and that is one of my favorite wandering spots. And I'm sharing her words as I vow to do a bit more research on the woman who spoke them and learn from her strengths and her spirit.

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  1. that is a lovely quote on home...where one starts out from and where one returns to.

  2. That's a beautiful reflection and a nice quotation.

  3. What a great reflection. I had NO idea that was her memorial....oops!

  4. Beautiful! The reflection is amazing!

  5. Lovely reflection! It has a different feeling than the "real" thing.

  6. great snapshot and the thoughts along with it.