Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Black & White Wednesday ~ That Barn

So...do you remember that time you were house hunting, and you visited a house with a big ol' barn out back? You know, that time you toured a house built in 1810 ... a house with bones. Real. Good. Bones. And real wood. And original fireplaces, banisters and doorknobs. And... a big ol' barn out back.

You don't remember that?

Oh, that's right. That was me. Not you.
I'm the one who visited that gorgeous old house.

And wandered through the big ol' barn. And pictured my future grand-kids playing in this old barn office - this picture perfect room with wooden shelving all around and the cutest wall paper you'll ever find.

I'm the one that ooohed and ahhhed over all the wood. There was so much wood - scrumptious, weathered wood - everywhere. I'm the one that got immediately attached to this centuries old house with a big ol' barn out back....

But don't worry. I'm also the one that stood out in the frigid air and gazed up at the moon and came in for a landing. I looked down and, in fact, my feet were back on the ground.

As cool as this place might have been in my dreamy imagination...it just wasn't the place for us. Nope. We set out to simplify. Not to add hours and years of work to our lives. Not to get in over our heads financially. Nope. Simplify. That's our goal and we're sticking to it. Happily. Resolutely.

But it was nice to let our imaginations soar for a day or two.
I sure hope someone with lots of love to give finds this property and breathes life back into this beautiful home. It's longing to be loved.

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  1. Sorry it wasn't meant to be! Hope you're making headway on a new home!

  2. It's fun to get caught up in moments like that sometimes. When we were looking for a house a couple years ago we looked at a 26 acre working farm - and it had to be "worked" for tax statuses. My husband thought it would be fun to have a hobby farm, and I laughed because the reality is that he goes to work each day and I'd be the one "working" the farm. Despite our best efforts, we didnt' get the farm and I breathed a sigh of relief! (each week there are more and more houses for sale out here...)

  3. I like the series from the old barn. Hope, you'll find another place you would like to stay!

  4. Beautiful and deeply touching atmosphere !! Love discoveries like this and wandering through ancient time.

  5. Oh WOW...lovin' all that texture in your first shot! This barn/home would be hard for me to pass up. But then again, I'm not known for sticking to plans! haha.

  6. Goodness, I would be so happy in a place like that! So much beauty in this place for certain! It would be hard to pass this one up. Beautiful images of what is undoubtedly a beautiful homestead!

  7. you tell a great tale....i'm not sure i could have walked away!!!

    and although your story is awesome, your pictures said it all!!!!

  8. Beautiful shots! It would be tempting.

  9. what a grand place and you certainly tempted me with that first shot, but I commend you on sticking to your guns about simplifying. I am gearing to fix up this old place and hopefully put it on the market in the next year or two and simplify. Now if I can only get the other half to see it that way.

  10. Love how you captured your dream of a barn with your camera!
    I have also seen such dream places, loving them instantly, then tying them up in my heart. Forever.

  11. Wonderful photos in b&w! These photos tells a story!

  12. Darn! Reality can be hard. But the amount of work in restoring an old place...that reality would be harder!!