Friday, February 19, 2016

Hotel Reflections

What is it about a stay in a nice hotel?
That pampered, don't have to think about much of anything feeling?
That change of scenery?

That 'do not disturb' sign?!!?

I do love a short stay in a nice hotel.

The Copley Plaza in Boston is an annual treat - one that I just adore.
For all the aforementioned reasons...

And {perhaps most importantly} the opportunities in this place for reflection photos are countless!!

I was glad to catch the old Trinity church reflected in the entrance doors to this fancy place...
And anything you catch reflected in these gilded, mirrored lobby doors is a treat ~ don't you agree?

Happy Weekend everyone ~ I'll be house about you?

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  1. Wonderful reflections, including your selfie. There is something indulgent about staying in a good hotel, especially if it is located at the center of a great city.

  2. Great shots from a great place, I can imagine that you enjoyed your stay!

  3. lovely hotel...the toned photo of you in the mirror is lovely too!

  4. A perfect gem to spend a weekend at!

  5. yes there are always plenty of mirrors in hotes. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love how stunning a hotel can be within.

  7. Great selfie and what a lovely hotel! Excellent reflections!

  8. I love a good hotel! For me it is the crisp white bed linens.

  9. i love a nice "shorter" stay in a hotel, i often don't sleep well so i am not real fond of 10 days away!!!

    your reflections are so beautiful and might i add that you are looking mighty fine yourself.

    i am happy to report that we will NOT be house hunting, probably ever.....good luck to you, are you buying or renting??