Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gather Your Strength

It was the first Saturday in January.

The yoga studio was very still. Sun was streaming in through the front window and we were a small group of three. One sweet teacher and two of her {favorite} beginners. There was warmth. A warmth that came not only from those sun beams, but the warmth of sangha.  A warmth created because we were a mutually supportive group of practitioners. Because we gave each other a sense of community and belonging. And of acceptance.

Midway through our time together, there was some rustling and chirping in the tree right outside the studio. Three bluebirds had come to join us. Perched only for a bit, they added energy, support and - yes - even a bit of magic - to our practice on that ordinary Saturday morning. As our spirits accepted this sweet serenade of encouragement, our confidence grew and our bodies found a wee bit more strength.

These past few days, as I've shared the sense of weakness and worry that seems to be accompanying me on our current house-hunting journey, many {many} bluebirds have flocked to the tree that's right outside the window of my heart. And I hear you rustling and singing to me - lending your support along the way. Each text, email, blog note, hug and phone call make a difference.

Thank you - to all of my bluebirds. You help me to gather my strength and rise up.

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  1. How beautiful is this. You have a way with words, my friend!

  2. So sweet. I love this mental image and I believe that community is so important! Happy to do life with you in blog land!

  3. I am very behind in my blog reading with this vertigo. So glad to stop by here today! We officially purchased this home on June 1st, but actually moved here in October. I needed that time more that I realized. We downsized and I was grateful, but hoped for a house closer to town. They don't exist. So I look at this great house as a year round vacation home, a bit farther out than I wanted. It has been wonderful here.

  4. Sometimes, you just need some wings to lift you up :) Thanks for sharing at Song-ography!

  5. What a beautiful image of the blue jay. Lovely tale to go with it.

  6. Lovely! Have a fantastic week!

  7. Lovely post and this is a stunning image