Monday, February 22, 2016

{Good Random Fun} Weeks 6-8's been a few weeks.

I haven't updated on Mondays because, well, honestly I've been exhausted as I've begun each of the last few weeks. I'm pretty tired today too. To keep it real, today began with a mini-melt down. But, I'm getting ahead of myself!

In the midst of all the house hunting, the last few weeks have been full of some very, very fun things!

There was a formal dinner, a hotel stay, a few unplanned lunches with some good friends and a wine tasting party! My 'baby' boy turned 26 - whew! And some of our dearest friends came in from out of town for a visit. Throw house hunting into the mix and we've been much busier than we normally are! So... lots of fun.

In the random department, I still feel like the fact that we seriously considered buying an antique house with a 6500 square foot barn on the property one of the more random events of recent years! Here's one last photo of said's kind of like "say yes to the dress" - it's fun to show you the pictures of the house we DIDN'T choose! Builds up the suspense for the grand {eventual} unveiling of the house that will become our home.

Also in the random department, one of the things I will miss about our current house, is the window at the top of the stairs that greets me each chilly morning with the most lovely frost patterns on her panes...I have loved every feathery moment of this artistry!

As far as good things? Well...the lean and mean organization purge continues. I am seriously enjoying cleaning out EVERY nook and cranny of our current abode as we prepare to move forward.

Yesterday I finished sorting/filing/paring down my photos. Felt just great to have this tedious, time consuming project completed!

With all that said - back to my mini-melt-down. We're putting an offer in on a house today. It's a first step, and who knows if this is the real "IT" ... but this is all starting to get real, and the emotions of leaving one chapter and beginning another are starting to really hit me. So...this morning was a loopy roller coaster ride in my heart and brain! Not, I feel certain, the last before this is all said and done.
Winter has sent us some beautiful, snowy days, and some unseasonably warm, sunny ones.... hmmm....the weather seems to be a bit like my emotions ~ all over the place!!

In spite of all of this craziness, the sun continues to rise and set. Family and friends are well.
And for the abundance of it all, I must say, I am oh so very grateful.

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  1. Adrienne, I love those snowflake shots...all of them are pretty awesome...but my favorite of all is the one of you and the hubby in the hallway through the mirror. LOVE that one!

  2. How pretty do you look all dressed up!!
    good luck with the offer!! Can't wait to hear where you may settle down!

  3. This is a fun update - the formal dinner looks lovely, and you look stunning!

  4. Crazy, busy! I love the house you didn't buy. Gorgeous frost. Lovely skies. So much beauty mixed with the chaos. Good luck with the offer.

  5. Wow - the frost photos are amazing. I'd love to have a window like that - oh wait, no, because I don't want that much cold. The house you didn't choose looks wonderful - can't wait to see what you pick. Lovely mosaics of all the activity - you've been quite busy.

  6. Oh, this post is really fun to read... you may be exhausted but it looks like you are having fun as well. The frost is "oh my goodness" stunning.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (

  7. Phew - that's one full on life!!! Mini melt down is perfectly acceptable after sorting out one's life's photos and hats off to you from someone who just looks at them on her 'to do' list and then walks away! Good luck with the house offer, I'm sure if it's meant to be, it will be :)
    Have a great week!
    Wren x

  8. Well, you have been busy! Love the frost patterns, so special!

  9. The photo of you and your husband at the gala is just darling. After all these years and all the moves and life changes (and with more to come), you two still look so wonderfully happy. I look forward to seeing the next house you will call home. In the meantime, enjoy going through all your old photos and keep sharing those divine icicles and New England sunsets :) xo