Monday, April 4, 2016

Good. Random. Fun. {week 14}

For any of my friends who follow me on instagram
you know this has been a crazy week!

We. Have. Moved.
It's real.
It's official!!

On Wednesday, the night before we signed all the mortgage papers,
I went to "my" pond with my big girl camera for a wander.
To breathe...and to see the mama swan on her nest.

A beautiful, peaceful sight.

Papa swan was swimming nearby ~ he never strays to far from the nest.
The golden light added magic to the scene!

I stayed at the water's edge until the setting sun painted the sky...just for me.

I lingered with my favorite, arched branches...
the leaves were just beginning to sprout and I drank in the simple silhouette.
Just the moments of peace and quiet I needed before the craziness of the next days began!
This was good. Very, very good.

Over the next three days we signed papers, got keys and moved countless carloads of little stuff to our new digs.
And then came Sunday.
Our "rent-the-big-truck" day.
We woke up in our new home to a snow covered back yard.
Thanks, spring, for the random weather!
Snow. Winds. Extremely chilly temps.
Oh well, you can plan and plan...then you just have to roll with it!
So, what's a little snow?
We're New Englanders, after all.
when you arrive at the U-Haul facility to pick up your truck
you start to loose your marbles!!!
Thanks, U-Haul, for the random delay.


In spite of these glitches,
a truck was found, the sky cleared and our move was completed.

Either our old house is really small, or the truck was really big...crazy, right!?!

Thanks to one husband, one son, one son-in-law, three young friends, one boss
and my darling daughter, we got all the stuff from one place to the next!
Thanks one and all.
{also, few things look more random that lots of furniture trying to find a new place to call home!}

Through it all,
the most fun I had was standing on the 2nd floor deck directing traffic.
As everything came off the truck,
my job was to tell people where to take it.
So. Fun.
And this guy.
We had our little mascot with us all day.
May I just say,
he makes every party just a little more fun!!

Here's to a great week everyone!!

Joining Tamar for
The Good. The Random. The Fun.


  1. Yay for it happening!! When you're unpacked and settled we should set a pond date!

  2. Happy moving - what I love most about this, though, is the time you took at the pond.

  3. Enjoy your awesome new house. I remember directing traffic and we moved to a house with a lot more room and not near enough furniture, some how over 13 years we are now overflowing and it is time to purge some stuff.

  4. Great post. Good to take some quiet alone time for fortification.

  5. Yay for help moving!! One big move we made...had movers. Honest to goodness paid movers which meant I directed where to take the boxes. It was SWEET! (It was a job perk, the movers.) Your back yard is beautiful!

  6. sooooo happy for you, i'm glad it went kinda' smoothly!!! the swan images are AWESOME!!! on the nest, she looks like she is wearing a special white dress, faned out to perfection!!!

  7. So glad your move was successful! Such excitement. I absolutely love the swan photos.