Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Black & White Wednesdays ~ Raindrops and Petals

I couldn't help but think,
as I saw these daffodils bent low to the ground,
that what's good for us isn't always easy on us.
The warm spring rains had been falling for a day
and these stems and petals had yielded to the weight
of the drops and drops that fell upon them
As they drooped,
looking weak and vulnerable,
I thought about how strong and vibrant they would be when the sun came out.
The nourishing rains were bringing them
strength and life...
even if the rainy process didn't seem easy for them.

I don't know about you,
but I think it's hard,
during life's rainstorms,
to see the good that's coming from them.
And yet often,
as the storm passes and we gain perspective,
we realize that we are standing just a bit taller.
That we've grown just a bit stronger.
Just like the daffodils.

{this little life lesson brought to you by a little garden on the street where I live}

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  1. Good thoughts and nice textures.

  2. Friend, you do not know how perfect this was for me to read today. Thank you.

  3. raindrops and petals are cool images.

  4. Daffodils in B/W does work real fine and the water drop gives some extra texture.

  5. Water drops on petals are so beautiful. Thank you for hosting!

  6. Gorgeous flower shots and a fine metaphor.

  7. So stunning, you've done it very well!

  8. Beautiful macro of the rain drops on the flower.

  9. handsome imagery.

  10. wonderful shots, I love images with drops :-D