Monday, May 9, 2016

Good. Random. Fun. {Weeks 18 & 19}

The past two weeks have been full.
The New England weather has gone from frosty to rainy.
It's been a bit dreary, but extremely conducive to finishing up all the unpacking.
Cause that's an inside job.
And, drum roll is finished!

For me, the 'bestest' of all the GOOD is that friends have journeyed north.
They have come.
Come to scrap. And to chat.
I'm elated.
And so very grateful to them and for this delicious new space we get to share!

Some came bearing gifts...
Gifts are always GOOD!
Especially when the giver knows exactly what you'd love
and delights me with our first bird feeder!

In the RANDOM department,
the road in front of our house was paved last week.
Signs went up days after we moved in,
and we feared the worst...
a long, drawn out street repair that drags on through the summer.
Bun no!
In less than two weeks the project was completed
and we now have a brand new road in front of our brand new house!

I'll bore you with a few more ball park pics.
Because going to a ball game is SO. MUCH. FUN!
Especially when the weather is perfect.
And they win.
AND you are being treated to the cushiest box seats
{suite and food included}
in all of the park!
The view of the field was outstanding and
the company was great.

Our son was able to join us for the game
and serenaded me during the traditional singing of  "Sweet Caroline."
It's a Boston thing.
The whole ball park ~ we all sing this silly song together before the bottom of the 8th.
It's a Boston thing.

To top it all off,
Mother's Day was wonderful.
We had our first family celebration in the new abode.
One daughter, one son-in-law, one pup, one son...
a chat with a grandma and an uncle...
and, as always, LOTS of laughter!

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  1. This week, gaaaahhhhh, sounds like the perfect week. So much fun wrapped up into once nice package Adrienne.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (

  2. What joy in your life right now!!

  3. Looks like pup wants a snack!

  4. Some serious scrapping going on there. Love the bird feeder.

  5. It certainly does sound like wonderful busy times!