Friday, May 6, 2016

Ball Park Reflections

Connects me to my childhood.
To my father.
There are sights, sounds, smells....
and that fresh air feeling of sitting in the ball park...
that transport me.

I remember sitting on the bench at my brother's little league games
and knowing all the abbreviations
so I could fill out the score card for my dad.
I remember the first time my son saw a baseball game
with my dad.
I loved watching him begin to pass down his love for the sport to his grandson.

The first time I was in Fenway was with my dad.
I was in college, and he was up for a visit.
It was his love for the old ballpark,
his appreciation for the uniqueness of the place,
that first opened my eyes to its rich history.

If you visit me here often,
you already know I love this game.
Especially when I can watch it from one of the old seats
in Fenway Park.

Joining James for


  1. Great post! I'm reminded of my childhood. I used to walk to Angel Stadium with my friends when I was a kid. Thanks for the heads up about Linky. I replaced the code hopefully it works now.

  2. But baseball is also a great thing and those are great memories.
    The image I like very much.

    Greetings Eva

  3. I love this team and this park. I cannot wait to go in 2 weeks!!

  4. Great reflections shots. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You girls and your baseball. I do think of all you northern gals when the season starts.

  6. Those are gifts, those memories with your dad. (I don't share the love of baseball...fell asleep at a college world series game) My youngest girls are playing softball again this summer so I'm trying to like it more, ha!