Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Black & White Wednesday ~ Renew

There was a moment last week when I watched fading flowers find new life.
While perched in a small vase on my kitchen windowsill,
I noticed that the leaves of these buds were beginning to droop.
So I gently clipped the bottom of the stems and refreshed the water.
Something I've done to cut flowers many times in my life.

This time, however, I noticed something amazing 
when I walked back to my kitchen sink about a half an hour later.
The stems had drawn in the fresh water and there were drops of nectar at the tips of the stigma!
I was so encouraged by this simple sight!

I don't know about you,
but I can often feel a bit droopy.
Dried out and without energy...
I loved that a simple little adjustment ~
something done many many times ~
could make the difference...could bring signs of new life.

This week,
I was inspired by these simple flowers.
What has spoken to you lately?

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  1. Oh, friend...I feel that often! XO!

  2. I just love this - how cool is that!

    My photos this week are just for you : )

  3. beautiful thoughts and images Adrienne!! i have been inspired by my wild flowers this season. they come back and multiply without any care or attention, making my gardens spectacular!!!

    i wish my wilting body could do that, with just a little bit of water!!!!

  4. Lovely post! I feel droopy sometimes too.

  5. So beautiful and lovely post!

  6. you made the flowers look transparent :) Love it!

  7. excellent.

  8. Perfect photos for black and white and an inspirational post.