Tuesday, June 7, 2016

School's Out!

"School's out for summer!
School's out forever!"
Alice Cooper

This year it seems that wherever I turn my head
I see a friend's child or a family member graduating.
So I've been busy crafting cards.
Choosing school colors
and motifs
and investing a little bit of love into each scrap of paper.
Wish I could see them all walk
and hug each parent...
such milestones are to be commemorated!

Seems it's graduation day for a blogging friend too.
We say farewell to our ever-inspiring Song-ography link up.
I refuse to think that we're saying farewell to our hostess and her blog.
Perhaps a brief "au-revoir" as she re-groups.
I'm choosing to believe that her next blog chapter will be even more
inspirational than her first.
It has been so fun to "see" song lyrics through each others' photos ~ 
A practice that I'm sure will continue for those of us devoted to Song-ography!

Joining Kathy one last time!


  1. I was so sad to read that too re: Kathy. I love using lyrics in my blog so will probably still use them in my Tuesday posts!
    We have until Thursday for school - but after color war today I am beat!!

  2. beautiful cards, how sad to see that kathy is leaving. i don't read every day but when i do, i always enjoy her words!!!