Monday, June 6, 2016

Good. Random. Fun. {weeks 22 & 23}

The heat of the day lingered into the early evening. As I pushed my cart around the garden center, I allowed myself to choose the tiny blooms that I liked the most. I hadn't done any research ~ which I probably should have. You see, I don't garden. I enjoy plants and flowers without knowing what they are called. I like the idea of having a garden full of loveliness, but haven't the first clue as to what it takes to actually grow the flowers that might fill said garden. So, while the sun began casting long shadows across the rows and rows of vivids and pastels, I simply allowed myself to choose whichever random plants happened to put a smile on my face. I did check to make sure that the colorful choices I made would enjoy basking in the sunshine of my second floor deck, and then I filled my cart with a rainbow of goodness.

I bought some herbs too. Because I like the idea of cooking with fresh herbs. I've never done this, but hope that I can actually incorporate this into my culinary routine. Once I had decided on a potting soil and picked out some cute gardening gloves, I headed to the cashier to make my purchase. When the total came up on the screen I thought, "Wow. This is more than just an idea. It's an investment! I better actually be able to keep this little guys alive?!?!!" This notion, if you know me at all, is not a given. I'm not known for keeping plants alive. And I can tend to like the idea of something much {much} more than I like the actual effort it takes to make it happen. I was one of those girls that liked buying the ski outfit more than I liked the skiing itself. But I digress.

Next came the loading and unloading. The cleaning of the fairly-old-but-never-used planters. The reading of the directions. And then, finally, the planting. My favorite part of this process was experiencing the warmth of the soil. There was energy...warm energy...generated by the soil. Digging my gloved hands into the bag of potting soil again and again was, well, new to me. And invigorating. It was one of those moments when you say to yourself, "Oh. This is why people like this!" I guess you could say a 'better late than never' moment. The fun came when all the planters were full and settled into their new home on my new deck....and I started snapping photos! It's always nice when you try something new and it turns out {almost} like you imagined that it would.

So, here I am. In a new house with so much light. And space. And land. It's a home that begs for plants and flowers. Here I am testing the waters. Dipping the proverbial big toe in to see how it feels. I will do my best to nurture the living. To pay attention, take my time and find joy in this new adventure.

Joining Tamar for some


  1. Yay for new gardens and new plants!
    Hope you're enjoying this pretty glorious spring!

  2. Good for you - I hope it turns out well and if it doesn't, consider it an learning opportunity. Just a warning, though, it might become an addiction : )