Saturday, November 12, 2016

Giving ~ Day 12

I don't really understand that process called reincarnation 
but if there is such a thing 
I'd like to come back as my daughter's dog. 
Leonard Cohen


From this morning's journal:

Give Away: Schedule. To-do's. I'm sure I'll get a few things done, But no have tos! 

Give Access: Fresh there will be a hike!

Give Thanks: Home. My home. This home! I am so grateful for this place!!

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  1. Hello, your daughter's dog is a cutie. The dogs do have a wonderful life. Enjoy your hike, sounds like fun. Cute photo! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful photo of a contented dog....happy weekend!

  3. Cute dog! I always say I want to be one of my dogs, they have the life don't they?

  4. The silent language of a dog is hard to beat.

  5. Oh the to-do list. I've been too anxious about making them lately and getting it all done. No idea why...!