Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giving ~ Day 15

"Love is what we are born with. 
Fear is what we learn. 

The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices 
and the acceptance of love back in our hearts."
M. Williamson 

unlearning and learning
rejecting and accepting
emptying out and filling up
letting go and holding on

not an 'either or'
these are 'ANDS'

chasing 'demons' cannot be done in a vacuum
revising, rethinking and releasing old patterns mustn't leave us empty
just as adopting new thought patterns
or developing new habits
need 'inside space' if they are going to take root

for me, i've discovered that true change is both
both unlearning AND learning
both making room in my head
{in my heart}
filling myself back up

From this morning's journal:

Give Away: guilt ~ 'tis the season... today I choose to give away those nagging thoughts of all I am NOT doing for certain people...I give away guilt.

Give Access: to goals ~ not really a 'goal setter' ~ but as I look towards another year of life I'd like to listen to the voices that are full of ideas of what I might possibly accomplish. Today I choose to hear all the possibilities.

Give Thanks: For my learners spirit ... I'm grateful that I love listening to and learning from all sorts of people ... may my horizons always be broadening!

Joining Lisa


  1. love these photos - the colors are beautiful

  2. Such amazing thoughts here. Really made me think of the growth mindset work I am doing with my class.

  3. Berries in the fall. Nature's own feeding station. Inspiring thoughts and Day 15 already.

  4. Stunning colours!!