Thursday, November 17, 2016

Giving ~ Day 17

age gracefully I
say to me ~ live laugh love ~ shake
off all rust and crust

A birthday haiku. 
Hello 56.
You feel good on me.

From this morning's journal:

Give Away: there are a few spots of sadness I feel they come through my mind, I will sit with them for a minute or two...and then let them go. They are not to be suppressed, yet they will not be given much room today. 

Give Access: hear the good, feel the love, trust the words and hugs and wishes!

Give Thanks: It's no small thing to enter my next 365 day trip around the sun feeling as strong and able and whole and ready as I ever have. No small thing indeed. I am profoundly grateful for the village that got me here, loves me unconditionally and supports me in countless ways every day.

Joining Tamar and Kat


  1. wishing you a 'rustless' 'crustless' Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday, my friend. You are just a few months ahead of me.

  3. Happy birthday! I love stopping by your little corner of the internet. You often give me something to think about!

  4. A beautiful birthday haiku. Wishing you a 365 day trip around the sun the best ever!