Monday, November 21, 2016

Giving ~ Day 21

"Everything's magical when it snows!"
Lorelai Gilmore

Just in case the promise of
good food
{lots of it}
{lots of it}
a few days off
the counting of blessings
wasn't enough to get you excited about this week....

The Gilmore Girls return to us this Friday!!!!

I think a little snow,
to start of this week,
is a perfectly fitting way to get us in that holiday mood.
I'm sure Lorelai would agree!

From this morning's journal:

Give away: procrastination...there's some communicating I feel is important...yet I'm avoiding. So today I will have a few needed conversations

Give access: I will pay attention. I will breathe deeply. I will pause often and breathe deeply.

Give thanks: seasons...I feel so blessed to live in a place where we fully experience each season! I love waking up to a few snow covered branches and a white back lawn!

Joining Tamar


  1. the snow did not make an appearance here, but you captured it beautifully for me!!! i am counting my blessings, twice!!!

  2. Pretty snow! I was just thinking how it cleans up everything.

  3. Pretty magical indeed!