Friday, November 18, 2016

Giving ~ Day 18

Just a spectacularly ordinary moment...

In our little town of Salem, NH we get to take our own trash to the town transfer station {or town dump} each week. It's super easy ~ all the yard waste, recycling and household trash are separated out, every one's very helpful ... for a modest fee each year {yes, we pay the town for this privilege} we join in with our neighbors and each take care of our own trash. My husband and I both work, so after slowly waking up and taking some time out for laziness {read catch up on the dvr'd shows from the week} our Saturday errands begin with a car full of garbage! 

Now, this errand usually takes about 5-10 minutes....but this past weekend, we waited in a line of cars for over 30 minutes in order to get into the transfer station. Just as I was tempted to start tapping my foot and to drone on about how there must be a better system than this....there it was. A flash of sunlight in the side view mirror caught my attention, pulled my thoughts away from errands and waiting and time, and drew me right into the moment. And it was a good moment. 

There I was, surrounded by autumn color, on a sunny Saturday with plenty of time to hang out with the one I love most. I took a few deep breaths, reminded myself of that morning's journal choices, opened the window and enjoyed the fresh air.

Just a spectacularly ordinary moment.

From this morning's journal:

Give Away: over thinking ... time to plan holiday menus, coordinate schedules etc... I want to find the joy, give everyone room to do their thing... so letting go of the over thinking ~ perhaps the "control" and trying to make sure everything is "just so" ... worth more thought 

Give Access: Sunshine, Air and Light! Any time I can sneak outside today I will!!

Give Thanks: Plenty. Fullness. can NEVER be taken for granted that I want for nothing. That even in the leanest of times, I have always been provided for. That now is, in fact, a time of plenty.

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  1. Beautiful! And a very creative composition
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Good to see some brilliance remaining in the leaves. This week-end's weather will probably put an end to ours.

  3. Great fall colors in this mirror reflection. Sounds like you had a fine, creative Saturday.

  4. Wonderful colors and an amazing reflection

  5. Small town living and that autumn scene! Glad you found joy in the wait.