Friday, November 4, 2016

Giving ~ Day 4

My current favorite song won Song of the Year at the CMA music awards this week. It's the Tim McGraw hit, "Humble and Kind," that was written by Lori McKenna. In many ways the song is quite simple ~ sweet, melodic, pure...and gentle. Oh, so gentle. So it came as no surprise when I learned that a mother had written it, in one sitting, as a prayer to and for her children.  So personal. Such a chunk of her heart out there for all the world to hear. Take that kind of raw, soul-gripping honesty and combine it with McGraw's vision ... a vision that says the might want to quiet down and learn from these words ... well, you touch a few {gajillion} people ... me included.

One of the lines of the song ~ Don't take for granted the love this life gives you ~ was running through my mind as I stood for a few minutes by the edge of this pond. Just the notion of not taking things - anything - for granted is food for a whole lot of thought. The colors, the reflections...the tableau that is the changing of the seasons....blessing upon blessing. Add to that thoughts about the love that this life gives me ~ not has given me or might possible give me ~ but GIVES me. Today. Now. In the moment. Each moment. It is always TRUE that I am well loved. Thoroughly and completely and safely and genuinely loved.

That notion? Well that cures just about everything.

From this morning's journal:

Give Away: Perfect love casts out/drives out fear. Today I give away the fear of rejection. The thoughts of not measuring up. Or not being enough. Oh how this fear haunts me...lurks in every shadow of my being. Today I give away the fear of rejection.

Give Access: Light. The sky is blue. The sun light plays with me as it casts shadows across my family room floor. The yellows and reds that remain on my back yard trees are glowing this morning. Today I let in the light. I lift my eyes, I am warmed and I seek views and words and ideas that are full of light.

Give Thanks: Today I give thanks for all the love this life gives me.

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  2. beautiful reflections(photos and thoughts!)

  3. The second image is especially appealing Adrienne - an invitation indeed to "come apart and rest awhile". Thank you for sharing the words too - I relate. It is so easy with the ever increasing demands of life to not fully appreciate the extraordinary yet simple gifts we've been given. Seems to me you're on the right track! Enjoy.

  4. Those reflections are just gorgeous! Have an amazing weekend!

  5. Amazingly beautiful reflections! I love the leaves floating on the water.

  6. Nice reflections, fall photos and musings!