Thursday, December 29, 2016

Even Though

Christmas came quietly.
More quietly than, perhaps, ever before.
The puppy and I had a lazy morning
waiting for our humans to join us.
There was sunshine.
And warm blankets.
There were sappy movies and coffee sipped
from my special mug.
Christmas came quietly.

Merry was made.
No doubt about it.
My humans did gather for feasting and such.
Fondue sizzled.
Chocolate drizzled.
And new memories were chiseled.
Etched forever into our family stone.
Oh yes, merry was made.

Even now...even though Christmas has left the house,
the spirit of warmth, love, fun, generosity and gratitude remain.
Even though family has scattered,
even though Christmas has left the house,
we hold onto the merry.
We hold on to Christmas in our hearts.

Joining Tamar and Kat


  1. Beautiful words.
    My Christmas crept up quietly but the actual day exploded with colour, laughter and family fun. Our family is spreading as the season ends. I will head home soon and then it is done, all the merry making, for another year. I am enjoying the time with family while I can.

  2. Sounds like such a simple and perfect holiday! Hope you're enjoying the new snow!!

  3. everything is so beautiful, warm and festive!! things are quieter now, but i find it is easier to enjoy all the little special moments - christmas is not a blur!!

    Is your kitchen attached to your large family room?? it looks like you have a beautiful layout!!!

  4. I believe you might live in an actual Christmas card.