Friday, December 23, 2016

Postal Reflections

One of my favorite things about this season is...


So what if there are long lines at the post office.
So what if we never use stamps except in December.
So what if folks say it's out-dated.
If you ask me,
it's one of the best of the many holiday traditions!

Chatting with fellow gift-mailers and card-senders in that post office line...
Looking at the smiles that arrive in my mail box from near and far...
Well, those two things sure do help to take 
the chill right out of our frosty, winter air...
and the stress out of this crazy season!

Joining TamarKat and James


  1. Seems like fewer and fewer Christmas cards each year. I agree though, it's a nice tradition. Beautiful old post office!

  2. I agree! I love sending mail at the holidays!!

  3. I love the top reflection how it's framed, a circle in a square. The bottom one is so warm and homey. Two excellent shots!

  4. Fun shot! Many post offices look like this.

  5. There is just something about snail mail that warms your heart! It can't be replaced. :)

  6. i love how you "notice" everything - and then the way you describe it, always so lovely! it looks like a beautiful post office, and it was nice to see myself here!!!