Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Mundane and The Milestones

Our little rental. Four cars crammed into the driveway. And all the moments that make up a year. Some of the moments are mundane. Lazy. Ordinary. To spice up the mundane our lives are seasoned with milestone moments ~ birthdays, moves, trips, visitors, holidays ~ events that we prepare for and remember....even without the help of a scrapbook. I started my current project last November ~ to capture as many moments as possible from this year that's leading up to my daughter's wedding. Engaged last August, she moved 'home' the first week of November, giving us one last year as a family of four ... living under the same roof. These are precious "minutes" and I'm taking even more photos than I usually do, trying to stop time ~ or, at least, slow it down a little bit!

The first major milestone of this wonderful year, you ask? I turned 50!! While there were several celebrations throughout the week ~ the day itself was filled with friends, sunflowers, family and one 'freak me out' surprise!! After feeling remembered and loved all day long, I got home after work to find that my brother had travelled from Hawaii to surprise me! As soon as I walked through the door and saw the top of his head leaning on the side of the couch, I knew my family had helped him to organize the best gift ever!

There have been hundreds of mundane moments ~ taco nights, our favorite TV typical to see the four of us with our laptops and/or phones lounging around for the evening while "watching" shows and making jokes. So whether it's watching football as one of the many blizzards of the year begins, or having dinner after a first day on the job ~ it's the day to day interaction of our family that makes our little rental house a home. And it's capturing and recording all these memories that brings me back to blogging about my life as a scrapbooker!

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