Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I LOVE Tuesdays!

On Tuesdays friends come, lunch is prepared, and the basement fills up with croppers! Laughter and life stories (current and long past) are shared as we fill our albums with photos and memories. Occasionally there are a few tears. Tensions of the week melt away as we {ahem} complain a bit, raise child raising questions and fill each other in on everything from sales and decorating to good books, celebrity gossip and the current goings on with our families.

Sometimes we call it scrapbooking.
Sometimes we call it therapy!


  1. Love it! Friends are the cheapest form of therapy aren't they?

  2. scrapbooking is therapy!! looks like a busy group, is this at your place??

    when i go to crops, i gab the whole entire time!!

  3. Oh I just love that! Looks like it would be a blast... Can I come ;)


  4. I am envious. This looks like so much fun!


  5. That does look like fun!! I can totally understand it being therapeutic.