Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wistful, Wishful Wednesday ~

Today's wish is for this family.
They are friends.
They inspire me to live more fully and chase my dreams.
They are preparing to chase a new dream of theirs
    all the way across the county!
    From east coast to west coast!!
Today's wish is for the fun they get to have before they leave,
    and for the details of this big move to go smoothly,
    and for all they will discover in their new home.
Today's wish is for their continued happiness!


  1. beautiful words, gorgeous photo's!! wonderful post!!

  2. What a beautiful family! I'm hoping all of the best for their upcoming move!

  3. What a cute family! I hope you get to spend some time with your friends before they start their new adventure.

  4. I wish them happiness. Great picture and a lovely post.

  5. Hello, sweet little family! *waving from over here on the west coast* It's nice here, I promise. ;)

  6. thanks for this post, adrienne :) i really appreciate all the wishes & prayers. we are very much in need of them!