Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Empty Nest Tree...

"All the art of living lies in
a fine mingling of
letting go and holding on."
Havelock Ellis

Those are actually NESTS you see in my tree.
The love birds flying over the red heart? We've had that ornament since we were first married. The kids "made" us kiss every time we hung it on the tree! The other birds are new, I got them to go with the nests.
Which I got to with our NEW tree.
Maybe I should say our different tree, cause they're new every year....
But this year's different.
Very different.

Last night we decorated our tree ~ for the first time without the kids. And without all their childhood ornaments. With my new DIY ornaments, and my nests...I did my best to enjoy creating a different tree. I got teary once or twice...and was a bit crabby with my husband...but I like my tree. Might invite the kids for dinner and decorating next year ~ if they don't mind letting me fix my tree my way!

Just me, hanging out, learning how to mingle the letting go and the hanging on!


  1. Oh, Adrienne,

    Your tree is beautiful! Your heart is beautiful as well, and that quote so perfectly fits.


  2. You tree is gorgeous! You are doing well in holding dear memories and embracing what is yet to come.

    I hope you shared a kiss with your husband when you hung your special ornament. :)

  3. I love that you are really enjoying the empty nest. It's so inspiring and really makes me look forward to that stage in life.

  4. I think it looks beautiful! I think dinner + decorating is a great idea! We still do that when my sister and I visit my mom at Christmas, although now it's all about the grandkid putting the final ornament on.

  5. Oh I think it's absolutely gorgeous!! I love your tree and the stories behind your favorite ornament, beautiful :) I'm sure I'll be there someday, but I'm in the throes of little ones and can't imagine decorating without them under feet.


  6. Such a beautiful tree! I love reading you Adrienne...I am following in your footsteps...just a few years behind. My kids are growing so fast. Reading this post reminds me that my children will be taking many of "their" ornaments with them someday. Need to cherish them while they are here.
    I do love your new tree though...nests are darling!

  7. That's a wonderful quote: I need to remember that one!
    I'm sure decorating your tree was bittersweet. I think inviting the kids to come help decorate next year sounds like a nice idea!
    PS: I have to ask: did you & your hubby kiss this year when you hung the love bird ornament?

  8. This is quite a lovely tree. I love birds and nests, and how you've made your tree a memory for this new season of life. That is a relevant quote.

  9. I love your tree, Adrienne. I hope you enjoy it !

  10. Your tree is beautiful! Mine never looks that perfect :)