Friday, December 2, 2011

True Colors

Am I beige? Or sky blue?
What are my true colors? And
how would I know? I can
be beige. Just ask my mom,
she taught me beige. At times
I'd like to believe I'm sky
blue. Peaceful. Heavenly. Light and breezy.
But I know better. I'm so
NOT sky blue! So what then?

The oranges, yellows and purples of
the twilight sky speak to me.
Interwoven, ever changing, with no one
evening resembling the next. The deep
purple of moodiness. The orange that
longs to create, to make a
difference. It consumes the moodiness when
given air to fan its flames.
And the yellow that is light
and hope and lemons and sunflowerrs.
I love the yellow. I miss
the yellow most when it fades.
It was the hardest of my
colors to discover. But it's in
there. And growing brighter these days.

That's me. Ever on the path
towards genuine. Towards really letting all
of my true colors shine through...


  1. Adrienne very moving post and introspective. Genuine is big for me and integrity too but that is a whole other deal. I'd love to be sky too-light and breezy! Your capture of the window with the trees reflected in fiery orange is lovely!

  2. I, too, love the colors of the evening. Your poem is very deep. I think I could study it for a while, and still come back and find new things.

    I agree, the photo is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. This is a very profound post! I love the reflection photo, it fits your post very nicely. I'd like to have sunny and cheerful yellow shining through most often with sky blue, light and breezy, second.

  4. I think you are already genuine. You are honest and true to yourself. That picture is beautiful.

  5. I love this. It's just beautiful!

  6. Beautiful post, and beautiful blog. I could sit here in your garden for hours.

  7. Your colors definitely shine through in your writing. As others have said, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talents.


    (By the way, I emailed you.)

  8. I love the photo that you chose! I think sometimes its easier to think of our emotions as colours; they're less threatening and easier to identify. And in good moments a lot more joyful :)

  9. So beautiful! I'm on that path of discovery with you, my friend. I love how you focused on the colors....found myself humming the song "True Colors" as I read it. :)

  10. I see you as purple and orange and yellow. Vibrant, creative, enthusiastic, warm. I don't see beige.