Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Over the last couple of years, I have decided to take note of things that I really like.
Now, that might sound silly. Still sounds silly to me when I say it out loud.
But I've mostly been the girl that "goes along" or "gets along" ~ as a child doing what was expected.
As an adult, the "should" voices were the loudest in my mind...what I "should" do, eat, feel, like etc.

So, learning to hear my own voice has been a monumental victory!
I've learned that I love all things cranberry ~ the color, the actual berries...both for eating and decorating!
I've learned that I love sunflowers and scrapbooking and camping ... and that it's ok not to like lettuce!

I'm adding to my list today.
I really like steeples.
Especially the simple ones.

To me, the simpler ones seem not to care much if I notice them...
They just help me lift my eyes.

Black and White Wednesday


  1. Looking at that steeple throughout the mass of blooms is absolutely heavenly. I, too, am attracted to steeples, but I find it hard to get captures of them I really like. Sometimes I need to lie on the ground and shoot up to keep out all the gradoo of a college town. Too much “stuff” to ruin my photos. You did a wonderful job with this one. It is lovely. Thanks for the visit. genie

  2. Beautiful shot! I love the composition of the photo!

  3. oh adrienne, what a gorgeous view. i have been dancing to a different tune for a long time. for years i could not share my joy with others, i was always teased about my crafty, organizing, gardening ways!! that i LOVED being home, cleaning and puttering around.

    through blogging i have found many people who enjoy the same things i do, so many people who are just like me. now i dance out in the open, i don't care if people call me martha stewart....i just smile and say "i wish"!!!

  4. Me too...and I am happy you are listening to your own sunflowers too :)

  5. Beautiful picture. And I love your last line.

  6. This is beautiful!!

    I host a black and white photo contest on my blog every Wednesday (TUE midnight through THU midnight). We announced our winner this morning, but I would like to invite you to participate. Check it out and see if you would like to enter next week's contest.

  7. Such beauty. Your voice is amazing.