Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

*breakfast with a girlfriend*

* baby needs his sensors cleaned*

*paper shopping - my version of shoe shopping*

*taking my meds - that pulled tooth has been SO much fun...*

*beautiful day in the neighborhood*

*afternoon refreshment*

*snail mail time*

*craft time*

*burgers on the grill*

*crescent moon*

It was an easy Saturday.
Along with all this, we caught up on Breaking Bad,
watched the Sox win a game
and did a bit of that weekend cleaning.
I also enjoyed playing with some iPhone aps as I instagrammed my 10 on 10!
It's a great blessing when 'normal' feels so relaxed and wonderful.

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  1. It was a gorgeous weekend, right!? Wish it was like that ALL summer long. I should get JR on it!

  2. The editing on these photographs is awesome...I loved to know the apps you used...They are all so different and unique....

    I love when a day just flows and feels relaxed and yours certainly did that...

  3. These were fun! I need to get my sensor cleaned too. Well, my camera's sensor, actually not *mine*. ;)

  4. a perfectly beautiful day!! mine was the complete opposite, but just as fun, and completely exhausting!!

  5. Awesome week not including the tooth ordeal. I love the texture on the first image. Hope you feel all caught up after travels, and tooth drama!

  6. Lovin' that Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood photo.

  7. I love how much you love paper - all kids. :) I'm sorry your camera needs it's sensor cleaned. Hmmm. I have a Canon EOS too. How did you know the sensor had a problem?

  8. Love the colorful balloons against that very blue sky. Looks like a full but nice week.

  9. Sounds like a good day with a few exceptions. I love the shot with the balloons!