Sunday, January 12, 2014

Look What I Made {2}

I played with glitter
and made some New Years cards.

I've never made anything with glitter before - don't like how messy it is!
But when I was in a store a few months ago, and saw some lovely photo cards which had been decorated with glitter, I knew I had to give it a try!
The idea is simple enough.
Choose a favorite photo, 
outline a few spots you'd like to highlight with a fine point glue pen,
and sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle!

When the glue dries, 
I used a make up brush to get rid of the excess.

It's wonderful to be inspired by the crafts and art and writings around me!
I enjoy trying new things...I'll be back to play with glitter some more.
I'm thinking swan photos would be be lovely with added sparkles!
Happy New Year
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Wow - those are gorgeous! I just may have to try that (although I agree with you that I don't like the messiness of glitter...)
    Have a good Monday!

  2. So cool to see how you made it! It brightened my day when I was home sick!!

  3. And they were beautiful! You have such a beautiful talent and so thankful to see it blessing others!

  4. What an awesome idea! I must try it! I love all of your photos and the macro is so compelling. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Very cool! I just may have to try this.

  6. VERY pretty! It added just that extra touch to your already beautiful cards!
    visiting from Macro Mondays

  7. They look really gorgeous! Awesome idea. And I totally understand your sentiments against glitter ;)

  8. oh adrienne, the pictures are beautiful but in real life they are WoW!!!

    i am not a huge fan of working with glitter either. one year i used it on my christmas card and got a real taste of it's evilness ;)

    but even if we don't love working with it, the finished product is beautiful!!

  9. Great job and very creative!