Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shake it off??

When the haters hate,
and the critical voices fill my head...
When the world feels too fake
or my heart starts to break...
I confess that it's really hard for me to
shake it off.
I'm a holder-onner.
An an-a-li-zer.
A bit of a brooder.
I can tell myself to "shake it off"...
try and "will" it away.
That seldom works.
Meredith and Cristina used to "dance it out"
when the going got tough on Grey's.
{I assume that's a lot like shaking it off}
But I'm not much of a dancer.
For me?
It's walking.
I have learned that there's nothing that helps me
snap out of it
let it go
get over it
let it lie
and leave it be
 like a nice, long walk.

How about you?
What's works when you need to shake it off?

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  1. My favorite quiet places, usually a good long walk in nature, music and more often than not, music that makes you want to get up and dance- that shakes off any access bad stuff every time.

  2. So pretty! I need to get to Larz Anderson and walk around in the perfect white - the dirty snow is getting to me.

    But record or bust!!

  3. Beautiful picture. Walking can be so great for shaking off the world's problems. Great post.

  4. Yup, I'm looking forward to shakin' off the snow too.

  5. I love the snow, but with that said, I encounter it every few years...When I am out of town :-)

  6. I might be ready for spring, but these are great winter shots!

  7. I hear ya sister! Finding those ways to let go of the subtitles of things said or unsaid can play in my mind for days. I find that just speaking truths to myself helps me snap out of it at times. Other times, I just can't shake it.

  8. hehehe...i have this in my itunes and i love to rock it out!!!

  9. Great post title and winter views and the perfect inspirational song...shake off the snow!

  10. I'm a "holder onner" too. So NOT my nature to "shake it off"....BUT, I think it is the healthiest alternative for me. So I try :) Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.