Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Love That Dirty Water

"Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you're my home"
Dropkick Murphies

Yesterday I shared about the thing I've loved the most about our current home...
Today I think I'll share the strangest thing about the move we're making this weekend.

We will no longer be living in Massachusetts.

Let that sink in a minute. 
I will no longer be a Massachusetts resident.
I will have a New Hampshire license. And New Hampshire plates.
Yes, I will have a New Hampshire address!!

None of this is bad, mind you ~ it's just kind of hard to wrap my head around. I'm looking forward to new discoveries. Of course. And my husband really likes "their" state motto ~ Live Free or Die. {I can say "their" for a few more days...then it will be "our" state motto} See. Weird. At least I think it's weird. 

Now, we will be right on the MA border in a town FULL of people that commute to Boston every day for work. So I am being told that it's still OK to call myself a Bostonian. Which is a good thing. Because this city, as you know, has my heart. Truth is the new house is hardly any further from down town Boston than where we live now.......it's just that pesky "in an entirely different state thing" that has me a bit, well, nervous. 

Whatever the case....here we go! Off to a town where we don't know anyone. Yet. To finally "settle down" in a home that our friendly bankers will soon allow us to say we "own" ... Yup. My head is spinning! 

When all is said and done, there is one thing I know.
When the moving dust has settled, I will {happily} call New Hampshire my home state.

But Boston will always be My Home Town.

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  1. Perfect for this theme. Enjoy the adventure of your new journey.

  2. Good good luck on your move...new memories will be made there...:)

  3. Good luck with your move, and happy settling in.

    Lisa @ LTTL (www.lisakerner-slp.com)

  4. that is weird...I know that if we lived across the river in Washington it would be weird not living in Oregon. Praying for a smooth move!

  5. We'll miss you but you'll always have a home in MA!!!!

  6. Aww.... I wish you good luck and much happiness in your new home!

  7. That is exciting! Pretty sure I couldn't move to another state (but I'm solidly in the middle of Iowa).

  8. We just did the same thing! I'm a native Oregonian and we just moved from our long time residence in Portland, Oregon across the Columbia River into Vancouver, Washington. I still am not adjusted to no longer having an Oregon license, license plates, etc.

  9. I hope your move goes smoothly! For sure your new house will be "home" before you know it.

  10. EXCITING times for sure Adrienne! Just think...next presidential election YOU will be a part of the FIRST primary and maybe YOU will be on tv being interviewed by CNN! haha. Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.