Thursday, May 5, 2016

Backyard Beauty

And to add to the whole we-own-a-house excitement,
said house has a flowering tree in the back yard.
Color me delighted!

The pink blooms have lured some sweet song birds to visit our humble abode...
and many enjoy hanging around with us!

Yesterday a dear friend brought me a bird feeder as a house warming gift!!
Watch out little birdies, you're about to get spoiled!

Joining Kim and Kat


  1. My post this week is birds as well. Tis the season! Happy Spring!

  2. Feeding birds is the best! Look out your window and you're entertained!

  3. Look at that plump little fella! And the colors of the tree blossoms are perfect!

  4. It's my favorite time of year. Great photos!

  5. That is a fun surprise! Such a pretty tree, too!