Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day HACK!

{My KIDS hacked by Blog to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! HIGHLIGHT of my week for sure!}

You’ve been hacked, Mom! 

Melissa and Jeremy here - if you’ve been around the blog here for a while, you might actually know us pretty well. We’re kind of the stars... ok, not really. But, we’ve certainly been featured a time or two! 

But, today, it’s your turn to be featured, Mom! 

From Jeremy:

From Melissa:

Over the past couple days, I’ve spent time time going over my mom’s blog posts. It was a pretty cool experience. See, my mom has always been good a keeping our memories... and always turning them into art... hence, “My Memory Art”. Growing up, everyone knew her as the mom that had the camera. She sent me with more film/disposables that any kid should ever need at camp (and I still always ran out). Later on, she started turning those pictures and memories into scrapbooks... And I can’t lie - I struggle with the term. I think it can sound so trivial - and believe me - there is nothing trivial about the books that my mom puts together. They are treasures, in every sense of the word. But it wasn’t until a couple of days ago, looking through her blog that I thought “she’s done it again!”. She has found another way to record our memories. As I looked through the blogs, so many posts brought me back... all the blogs about my wedding, blogs about my childhood, blogs with filled with pictures that she called to tell me about... I love her pictures. I see them, and I just feel her. I get them, because I get her. I tried to put together some of my favorite posts, but to be honest I was running out of time, but there are way too many to list anyways! I’ve always known that my mom had a way with words... as a kid it was, “my mom can come up with a rhyme for anything”, but now... I see that she can share her thoughts in a way that is so honest and beautiful. I love it. 
My mom is a very many things to me - most of all a best friend - a teacher - a confidant -  she’s a photographer, a writer and a scrapbook-er. I already have an awesome collection of scrapbooks. Books that grow in meaning to me with each passing year. 
I thought that, for Mother’s day, I’d share a little bit of one of my favorite things my mom has ever given me! 
100 days before my wedding, my mom gave me a small scrapbook... 
You know what was in that scrapbook? 100 days worth of notes, letters, quotes and scriptures. I know. Amazing. I actually typed the whole thing out as I read them (well, almost... the last week or two got a little crazy!) but, I can’t share them all! So, here are my favorites. They are such a lovely sum of the things my mom has taught me about love and life. 
It started like this:


A {long} Letter from the M.O.B.
Because I love you! And ~ you’ve always loved advent calendars! (See this post! DIY Advent Calendar)

She broke it up using 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Everyday had a tidbit, quote or these:

The hardest of all, is to be patient with yourself- Love yourself. Care for you. Allow yourself the most patience!
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness. And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone" Audrey Hepburn
"Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope." Josh Billings
"Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen." Louis L'amour
“Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast” - Marlene Dietrich
Dad’s best marriage advice? Don’t use the words Always and NEVER! (ever!)

And three letters... that mean more to me than she will ever know:

Friends Forever
Friends Forever! That's us! The Sunflower and the honey bee. From those early days - I see you so clearly sitting on my lap and imitating my expressions I'd say "happy" and we'd put on a big grin. I'd say "sad" and we'd fake cry. I'd say "scared" and we'd hide behind our hands. i have never known a connection like the one we had - from first baby moments on. I have you to thank for teaching me to fully and completely open my heart! Everything about my life got better and more whole after you a part of it...cause you broke my scared, insecure heart WIDE open! I had begun to feel that kind of love with daddy- goodness knows he loved me that way... but there was still some fear in me that held me back. You came... and changed that. And I am so grateful and proud of the friendship we've build through the years- As you buzz around through the wonder-filled life God holds out for you... know that you always have a beautiful (if aging...) sunflower to come HOME to! I love you friend! Mom 

That Elusive Magic Wand
I want one! 
I want the magic of Disney princesses and the “power” to fix the booboos... I know I lost that power years ago, and we have to be all grown up about stuff... but it’s been harder than I could have guessed to let it go. Not to “let go” of you - cause you’ve always been ready for the next stage - but to let go of my longing to always be able to make things ok. I know you know I’ll do crazy things to try and help you fix stuff... and you are - actually- very very good at fixing stuff yourself... but every once in a while, a little magic would come in handy! I want to be able most of all, to keep the sadness from you or to take sadness from you. And there will be days, many married days, when things will be thougher than you thought,,, for those days, there won’t be a wand,,, but we have our God, and each other ~ and LOTS of love all around us! Guess there is magic after all!

Have one. Trust yours. 
I have learned through the years to love and trust your perspective... at the very least... to ALWAYS be interested in your perspective. I’ve written this before about your photos- but I love seeing things through your eyes. One of the most amazing things about marriage is really learning to see the world through another’s eyes. Daddy and I are so different (as you know) and it did take time to genuinely learn to be appreciate those differences. I mean we love for who they are AND they drive us crazy! it took me way too long not to swallow my perspective as a wife. Wanted to keep peace and be submissive - but I didn’t always do it the right way... Happily, I don't think you will have that same struggle - but there will be struggles. Keep your head. Know your own mind. And say what you really think! Trust yourself!! 

And there was one more letter, for the day of my wedding... but that one is just for me... not because of it’s content, but just because that makes it even more special! 

I know that was a lot, but I’ve wanted to share those words since I first read them and I thought this would be the perfect time. In the spirit of moms and blogs... 

Thank you, Mom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your heart - for always teaching and guiding me. I love you! 

Here are some of my favorite posts! Check them out!!!

(she made my husband and I a scrapbooks of our childhoods... so amazing!)
(maybe my favorite, ever.)
(I don’t remember seeing this one when posted. Love.)
(maybe my favorite, ever...part 2.)

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  1. This is so touching! Happy Mothers Day to your entire family.

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  3. This is great! Jeremy and Melissa, this is an awesome idea. I am sure mom is loving this. It's great to know that your mom sees you and knows you better than anyone and that you make her feel the same way. I hope all of you are enjoying Mother's Day and it's wonderful to see how you appreciate her.

  4. WoW, WoW, WoW...with all of melissa's beauty, grace and heartfelt words...

    JEREMY STOLE THE SHOW and that's really not fair but what a great way to present his thoughts!!

    melissa, you rocked it as well. i'm sure you worked on this for days, jeremy, 4 minutes!! i enjoyed all of it, soooo much!!

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  7. I love this SO much! What a blessed mama. :)

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